CD02/13: Lucid – I Can’t Help Myself (Judge Jules Remix)

Lucid - I Can't Help Myself 12" Promo

Lucid - I Can't Help Myself 12" Promo

Original Track Length: 6:05

Original Track Key: Fm

Edited Track Length: 3:43

Edited Track Key: N/A

Following Track Mix Point: 3:17

Following Track Key: Bbm

Following Track Transition: Subdominant (perfect 4th)

‘I Can’t Help Myself’ was a very strange track to edit, as I decided that after having two previous tracks that only had one breakdown I decided to use two breakdowns within this track to allow a bit of variation from the build up – breakdown – outro formula. It is also worth noting that the track is only on for 2 minutes on the original Euphoria album, and I wanted to extend this to a more radio edit friendly 3:43.

The actual editing of ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ began during the transition from ‘Nightmare’ in which I used the buildup after the second breakdown of the original mix as the intro due to the vocal snippets acting as a lead in, and then had this naturally progress into the final breakdown which served as the first in my mix.

From here I then edited the arrangement so that the second breakdown of the original mix served as my second breakdown too, and then attached the final drop of the original mix onto this breakdown to serve as my outro in which I extended the riff motif to extend over 16 bars.

Mix transition between ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ & ‘Encore Une Fois’ :

CD213 lucid

'I Can't Help Myself' track arrangement : click to enlarge



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1. Welcome
2. Rationale Behind The Project
3. My Background
4. Euphoria Brand Background
5. Original Compilation Analysis Part 1
6. Original Compilation Analysis Part 2
7. What Makes An Anniversary Edition?
8. Obtaining The Tracks
9. Importing The CDs
10. Importing The Vinyl
11. Third Party Influences
12. Mixing The Album Part 1: The Live Sessions
13. Track Warping In Ableton Live
14. Mixing The Album Part 2: The Studio Sessions
15. Harmonic Mixing
16. Track Editing
17. Mastering The Compilation
18. The Artwork


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